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For the purposes of this blog I am going by the moniker of Edward Felson, the name of Paul Newman's character in the movie The Hustler (1961). I have seen 19 out of 29 Paul Newman movies and this is by far my favorite. Paul Newman was known for portraying complex characters and rather than bombastic simpletons. In the Hustler "Fast" Eddie Felson makes a living by hustling less talented pool players for money. However, the movie is not about the game of pool. It is about the tragedy and redemption of Eddie. The game of pool is merely a conduit for the movie. Eddie could have been a race car driver, con artist, lawyer, or a construction worker.

Live Fast, Look Good delves into high-end and very rare automobiles, current and past fashion trends, and classic, esoteric, and independent films. In addition, Live Fast, Look Good will explore food, photography, travel, technology, books, and music (I am listening to The Doors as I write this).

My deep appreciation for fine automobiles comes from my uncle on my fathers side, Eduardo. Some of my earliest memories was of his Alfa Romero's from the 1980s. I remember he had a yellow one with the distinctive Connelly leather interior. Connelly leather has been stitched into the interiors of almost every car from Great Britain and Ferraris as well. Unfortunately Connelly is no longer in business. The most enduring memory of that leather interior is the bouquet. It is something you never forget. Through the years he would acquire and lose many sports cars. He also had a penchant for driving, shall we say, in a spirited and illegal manner! I would read all the car magazines every month. I would eventually subscribe to Road & Track, Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and AutoWeek...at the same time. I have been going to the New England International Auto Show every year for least 20 years. When I lived in San Francisco for 3 years, I went to all those auto shows. When I visited Chile, I actually left the country a day late so I could attend that auto show. Most recently I went to the New York International Auto Show which was the pinnacle of all the auto shows I have ever attended.

My inspiration for fashion arrives from my parents. This goes back to the time when people actually had to dress professionally for work. They would also dress well when eating in a restaurant, visiting Boston, or meeting friends. When I was young we travelled by plane and I remember my father in a suit and my mother in a dress. That is how people used to travel. Now it is velour suits and cargo shorts, unfortunately I am guilty of the latter. I can even remember my father wearing a suit to work every day and he did not work with clients. I don't think either of my parents owned jeans. My mother made damn sure I was also well dressed. I can remember her saying she didn't want her son to look like a ragamuffin. I started working in retail in my late 20s and I'm still here! I've had subscriptions to GQ and DNR. I have purchased every issue of Esquire's Big Black Book. I'm conservative when it comes to dressing, I only own 3 pairs of jeans and am obsessed with the preppy look. However, I do have a few different and interesting pieces just to mix things up a bit.

My parents have been taking me to the movies since I was a young man. I believe the first movie I saw was E.T. (1982), so I would have been 9 years old. They introduced me to the Brattle in Harvard Square, the Kendall Square Cinema, and the Lowes Copley Place, which is now closed. These avant-garde theaters exposed me to movies that were not playing at the local suburban MegaPlex. I saw countless classic, esoteric, and independent films there. My love for movies has continued through my life. I cannot even count the number of movies I have seen in the theater, rented from Blockbuster, streamed through Netflix, or owned. My best guess is around 1700. My one crowning achievement was in 2006? when I broke my right foot. I ended up renting 65 movies from Blockbuster...in one month.

I must thank my wife Raquelle, blogger extraordinaire, for helping me set up my blog. She has been blogging for several years and guided me through the ins and outs of blogging. Please take a moment to check out her blogs, Out of the Past, a classic film blog, Thoughtful Eating, a food blog, and Vintage, Brand New, a fashion blog.

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