Sunday, October 14, 2012

Felix Baumgartner's Historic Jump

Here is a live broadcast of Felix Baumgartner's historic 23 mile jump. He is expected to jump from about 36.576 meters (120,000 ft) and accelerate to Earth at more than 1.100 kmh (690 mph). The last attempt of the magnitude was in 1960 by Joseph Kittinger at "only" 31.333 meters (102,800 ft). Kittinger is involved in the jump serving as Baumgartner's mentor.

Update 2:24 pm Sunday: Felix Baumgartner has successfully jumped from an altitude of 39.045 meters
(128,100 ft). The time of his freefall was 4:20 over a distance of 36.529 meters (119,846 feet). His maximum velocity was 373 meters per second which translates to 1343 kilometers per hour (834 miles per hour). In addition, he broke the sound barrier at Mach 1.24.

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