Thursday, May 2, 2013

John Densmore Book Signing

I am a huge Doors fan. I've seen the movie and the documentary. When I met Oliver Stone, I asked him if he tried to appease Ray over the script. I own many Doors CDs, books, and DVDs. I was reading the Sunday newspaper and saw a blurb about John Densmore coming to a local bookstore in a week to promote his new book, The Doors Unhinged. Hello! I now had the chance to meet one of the founding members of my all-time favorite band.

Here is John entering the bookstore.

          Waiting very patiently.

I purchased the book on the right at the bookstore. I brought my copy of John's autobiography in case he would be willing to sign that as well. A woman who worked at the store announced John would be signing his new book and one piece of memorabilia. Yes!

I finally get to the front.

 John is also a lefty.

 I am explaining how I came to be a Doors fan.

He asked me about my heritage and when he found out I am of South American descent, he talked to me in Spanish.

 One down and two to go!

My first two pieces of signed Doors memorabilia.

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